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Klarify ~ Facial Cleanser Brush

The Klarify Brush is a portable cleansing device with multiple vibration settings and soft, skin-friendly brush heads for gentle but effective facial cleansing and massaging. Suitable for all skin types, the rechargeable Kare Klarify Brush uses sonic rotation technology to cleanse and exfoliate, loosening dirt, makeup, and oil. This device transmits vibrations deep into the skin, clearing pores, and blackheads. The four different heads and three different speeds allow for customization to skin type and sensitivity. Aids in removing dead skin cells and increase the absorption of skincare products.  

Klarify ~ Facial Cleanser Brush

  • Contents

    • 1x Klarify Brush device

    • 4x Attachment heads (soft brush, coarse brush, silicone brush, and massage beads)

    • 1x DCIN USB cable