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Kare x Woke Steam Sessions

5x Insert Replacements


Discover the perfect duo of relaxation and tension relief with our versatile steaming sessions, designed for both the Beam Eye Mask and Thera Tension Relieving Headband.

Kare x Woke Steam Sessions

  • Beam Eye Mask:

    Say goodbye to puffy, tired eyes and headache pain. The Heated Steam Eye inserts are designed and developed to provide intense hydration for tired eyes. Combining the healing power of oxygen and steam, each session boosts radiation while keeping your skin plump and resilient. 15 minutes sessions help hydrate and soothe skin while reducing dark circles and fine lines.


    Thera Headband:

    Offer instant relief for headaches and daily stressors by improving circulation. Use immediately. Wear headband over forehead while warming commences. Relax for 10-15 minutes.


    *Dispose of used heating pads.

  • Keep in a cool dry place and out of sunlight.